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Acquisitions & Financial Advisory Director – Ref. 2410


Entidad Financiera Internacional.
The position entails responsibilities in Acquisition Finance & Advisory (CLF – AFA) including the following tasks:
• Deal execution,
• Client coverage
• Portfolio monitoring
• Coordination with other métiers with the intention to develop cross selling activities in the CLF area in Spain and Portugal.
In addition, the position will also allow to assist transversally other event-driven areas of CLF including TMT, LBO and,
occasionally Corporate Loan Origination
Key Responsibilities
•  Execution of Corporate Acquisition finance transactions:
◦ Preparation of all internal credit documentation: credit application, financial model, rating assessment, and PI calculation;
◦ Analysis of available information, including public information, broker notes and due diligence reports;
◦ Negotiation of all the legal documentation: Term Sheet, SFA, ICA, Fee Letter, Commitment documents, etc;
◦ Execute transactions syndicated to market in conjunction with the distribution team. Prepare marketing materials, manage investor’s Q&A and coordinate other syndication work streams.
• Follow-up of closed transactions and portfolio monitoring:
◦ Maintain a fluent dialogue with existing portfolio companies and identify potential business opportunities;
◦ Monitor periodic financial information;
◦ Prepare all internal credit follow-up process, including waivers, annual reviews.
• Client coverage and screening of potential transaction:
◦ Discuss potential transactions with clients and generate business ideas;
◦ Liaise with other departments, especially Distribution/Syndicate (DAR), High Yield (HYCM), M&A (GIB), Ratings and Derivates Desk (GMD), to generate x-selling opportunities.
• Assist transversally in other transactions across CLF working in conjunction with other team members in Iberia or abroad:
◦ Other products within CLF include Corporate Origination, Leveraged Finance, Telecom Finance and High Yield, among others
Management and reporting
• Reporting directly to the Head of Acquisition Finance & Advisory Iberia and indirectly to the Head of Corporate and Leveraged Finance Iberia
• Management and supervision by the different product heads across Corporate and Leveraged Finance including the Global Head of Acquisition Finance & Advisory, the Global Head of Leveraged Finance and the Head of Origination for Europe.
Financial Performance
• Follow up of budget performance
• Contribution to CLF targets;
• Cross selling opportunities;
• Follow up of PI and RWA.
Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities
• Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements, including, but not limited to, the Spanish Compliance manual and Compliance policies and procedures as issued from time to time; Financial Security requirements, including, but not limited to, the prevention of Financial Crime and Fraud including reporting obligations to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer;
• Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure to be fully qualified to undertake the role. Complete all mandatory training as required to attain and maintain competence;
• Comply with all sanitary measures dictated by Authorities, Head Office and the Madrid local branch including teleworking.
• General knowledge of national and international economy and finance;
• General knowledge of national and international accounting and tax principles;
• Solid knowledge of corporate acquisition structuring features;
• Solid knowledge of Iberian large and mid-cap corporates;
• In-depth knowledge of available debt instruments (recourse and non-recourse);
• Sound analytical skills with strong modelling capabilities;
• Experienced skills for risk identification, credit analysis and mitigation alternatives;
• Deep knowledge of legal regime applicable to available debt instruments, together with specific legislation applicable to corporate acquisitions.


• Qualifications/Education Required/Experience
• Essential
◦ Degree in Economics, Business Administration or Engineering
◦ Solid academic results required
◦ Fluent in Spanish and English
◦ Experience of 9-10 years in banking or advisory
◦ Strong background in structuring financing transactions
◦ Experience in corporate lending, corporate acquisitions or leveraged finance structuring features
◦ Experienced command of financial modeling
◦ Good knowledge of rating methodologies and metrics
◦ Solid documentation skills
◦ Fluent English spoken and written;
◦ High proficiency on Excel, Word y PowerPoint.
• Desirable
◦ Additional education is highly valuable
◦ Knowledge of international economic environment
◦ CFA or Master’s degree in Finance
◦ Contacts at large and mid-caps Iberian corporates
◦ M&A experience
◦ HYB knowledge
◦ Roles with deep credit analysis responsibilities
◦ Knowledge of other European languages valuable (i.e French).
• Competencies Required
• Essential
◦ Solid financing and analytical skills, including:
‣ Accounting principles and international accounting standards
‣ Valuation principles
◦ High degree of autonomy;
◦ Strong debt structuring features;
◦ Loan documentation skills;
◦ Hard worker and team player;
◦ High communications skills.
• Desirable
◦ Understanding of HYB and leveraged
◦ finance sectors;
◦ Key rating assessment concepts
◦ including S&P, Moody´s and Fitch.

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